helping babies breathe

Helping Babies Breathe is a neonatal resuscitation curriculum adapted from an American Academy of Pediatrics program. Our Community Health Workers (CHWs) provide 3 trainings and a birthing kit to the mother or birthing attendant. They follow-up after the birth to check on mom and baby. Preliminary results show our CHWs are making a great impact in the deliveries and health of babies.

Through 214 births, our CHWs have shown a 71% reduction in neonatal mortality when a birthing attendant was HBB trained and present with a birthing kit. Babies were also 16% more likely to be healthy. Most importantly, 88% of our mothers were happy with the program.

Our CHWs have shown HBB is effective in rural settings regardless of literacy levels and without a bag-valve-mask resuscitation. Ultimately, our CHWs empower moms to direct their own care and improve health outcomes for mom and baby. We cannot be more proud of them!