US Staff

Our US Staff has the pleasure of working with our volunteers and donors to ensure the operations and programs of CHI continue.

Annie Vander Werff

Executive Director

Annie Vander Werff is the Executive Director of the Community Health Initiative, Haiti. She holds a Master’s degree in Community Health Education and a Certificate in Global Health & Health Disparities. She has led multiple community and public health development teams across the United States, Mexico, Africa and Haiti. She led a multi-million dollar organization through a massive marketing and re-branding campaign (and lived to tell about it!). She boasts a love for teaching students, learning from older adults and traveling. She desires to better understand the way people “do life” and has a passion for empowering others. Annie has a strong and on-going desire to learn, grow and be challenged - all while seeking to make a difference in the life of another. She is an author. An award winner. A Connector. A Creative. A wife and a mother of two. A marathon finisher and tri-athlete.

Theresa Rager

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Theresa Rager holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She currently lives in Chicago, where she serves as an AmeriCorps member at an LGBTQ health center. Previously, Theresa had worked for an international development nonprofit as a research and communications intern. Theresa was connected to CHI after she traveled to Léogâne, Haiti with another organization. She is passionate about CHI because of their long-standing partnerships and commitment to accompanying our Haitian friends in realizing their goals for their own communities.

Megan McCarty

Clinic Volunteer Coordinator

Megan McCarty is a Colorado native who lives west of Denver with her husband of ten years and four fur-children. Megan is an active volunteer in her community with a professional background in logistics, management and operations. She is passionate about team building and engagement and loves the challenges and rewards that CHI, Haiti brings. When she is not working or volunteering, Megan enjoys local restaurants, breweries and live music. You can also find her touring the diverse Colorado landscape in a Volkswagen Vanagon with her husband and dogs.

Stephanie Coffey


Stephanie Coffey has her degree in Accounting and Human Physiology from the University of Iowa. She lives in North Liberty, Iowa with her husband, son, and fur child. Stephanie enjoys spending time outside hiking and going on walks with her family. She is an avid endurance junkie and you can usually find her out running or biking for hours. She enjoys volunteering and has a keen interest in helping people live healthier lives. She is excited to share her passion for helping people with the CHI community.