CHI Haiti was founded in 2012 by Dr. Chris Buresh and Dr. Joshua White.

Community Health Initiative, Haiti was founded in January 2012 by two emergency medical physicians who have been friends since medical school. With more than 14 years of combined experience in Haiti, Chris Buresh, M.D. and Joshua White, M.D. decided to found CHI to address the health needs of rural Haitians who otherwise lacked access to care. Together, they envision, "We will see a day where rural Haitian communities are able to identify their most pressing problems, work together to create solutions, and possess the agency to bring those solutions to fruition."

Since our founding, we have partnered with a growing number of sister organizations and isolated rural Haitian communities to provide health and human services. By returning to the same communities with five medical and two surgical teams each year, CHI provides continuous primary health care. In addition to our clinics, CHI staffs several local Haitians who work to confront the daily biological, social, and environmental barriers to health.