US-based volunteer opportunities

See how you can work with CHI in the US.

Eye Health Coordinator

CHI has teamed up with ReSpectacle to offer the gift of sight to patients at our clinics. We are looking for someone to help organize the pre-trip-training and transportation of the auto refractor used at each clinic (4x/yr). Expected time: 5 hours/every 3 months.

Master Glasses Distributor

CHI has teamed up with ReSpectacle to take the prescriptions that we collect at each clinic (4x/yr) and match the correct prescription and style of glasses that will 'best fit - both look and script' our patients. The volunteer Master Glasses Distributor will receive the glasses from ReSpectacle and organize them for distribution in time for each clinic trip. Expected time: 10 hours/every 3 months **This is a great thing for a club or service group to do!