CHI Chanpyones

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he thought he could do only a little" -Edmund Burke


Our programs are successful in part because of the generosity of our donors who believe in CHI, in our partner communities, and in Haiti. Giving is not limited to monetary donations but is a sharing of time, talent, and passion.


We invite you to become a CHI Chanpyon by sharing your gifts in your own unique way to empower our partners as they work toward improving the health and development of their communities. CHI Chanpyones create their own events, offer their artistic talents, or collect needed items for our programs. Regardless of age or location, CHI Chanpyones support our Haitian staff and programs by raising money and awareness for CHI.


If you would like support from us in becoming a CHI Chanpyon, contact us! We are happy to provide ideas, marketing materials, or donation links so your efforts are a success! For more inspiration, read about some of our CHI Chanpyones below!

Vermont Mountain Running Camp 2018

This group of adventurous runners put their lives on the line to raise awareness and support for CHI.


United Methodist Church of Mount Vernon, IA

Thank you for choosing CHI as the "Global Organization" supported at Vacation Bible School. Special thanks to Michelle Omar for speaking to this group and John Rhomberg from One Mission Fundraising for recommending CHI to the church!


Allie Adams & Shannon Haines

These University of Nebraska Medical Center students worked with a musician who likes to use their stage as a social platform. They decided to fundraise for CHI at one of their concerts in Omaha, NE!


Clean Birthing Kit Parties

Jodi Cattich is a NICU nurse from Littleton, CO who has organized volunteers from her local community to purchase supplies and assemble clean birthing kits for our Helping Babies Breathe program!


Confirmation students at Brandon Lutheran Church assembled clean birthing kits to send off with a volunteer heading to Haiti with our June 2018 Medical Team. Their party was so successful they had trouble fitting all the clean birthing kits into a suitcase!


Sierra Colvin

This 11 year-old decided to forgo gifts for her birthday party and to instead raise money for latrines! She has also been known to fundraise through bake sales. She had a successful bake sale when she was a 9 year-old 4th grader that benefitted CHI!



The University of Iowa women's soccer team helped to construct a new soccer field and put on a tournament in Haiti.


Iowa City Schools

Iowa City K-6 School heard that it only costs $3,000 to fund our Recycling Center for one year! The students challenged themselves to raise this money over the course of their school year, and were able to send CHI a check before the end of the year!


Blake Rupe

Blake is a public health professor at the University of Iowa. Each year, she challenges her students to complete projects suggested by CHI, such as health promotion plans, project business models, or grant applications.


Tim Melin

Tim is a pharmacist from Verona, WI. Tim shared a "mission moment" and information table about CHI with his church, Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ. As a result, the congregation decided to donate their Compassion Offering for June 2018 to CHI! All loose offerings (donations not specifically dedicated to Orchard Ridge UCC) will benefit CHI.


Caroline Colvin Photography

Caroline is a wonderfully talented photographer from Louiseville, CO who donates her time and photos from CHI trips to Haiti. Caroline also serves on our Marketing Committee!


Joanna Krajewski

Joanna is a communications professor at Flagler University. She challenged students in her Strategic Communication Campaigns class to come up with a promotional or awareness campaign for CHI after they expressed interest in working for non-profits after graduation. The students "worked for" CHI during their semester and presented their campaign on April 19, 2018!


Girlz & Guyz Night Out

Started by a group of Colorado women, Girlz Night Out is an event full of laughs and fun that benefits CHI. The Guyz got jealous and decided to host their own Guyz Night Out starting in 2018!


Iowa City Old Capital Kiwanis Club

The club decided to support CHI after an early morning breakfast meeting with our Executive Director!