Why i play buckets for haiti

It won't be long before the enthusiasm for March Madness starts to spread across America. And every year I am invited to join the annual March Madness office pool. I have always declined since I'm not interested in investing in something that I'm not that excited about. Last year was different. I was invited to play "March Madness" for the people of Haiti.

Buckets for Haiti was an opportunity to invest in helping CHI's Gadyen Dlo project and recruit others to do the same. I started a team and asked myself who I could recruit. Of course, there were family and friends who already knew about CHI, but there were co-workers who didn't. Buckets for Haiti was an opportunity to tell them about our clean water project and the difference that $12 can make in the lives of a Haitian family.

The competition got exciting as we took an early lead but fell behind in the last week of the tournament. My team made a great comeback in the last few days and won. In reality, it was a win for everyone - every team donor and the Haitian families that received a bucket. I had forgotten that the captain of the winning team was awarded a One Mission gift card and now have this awesome reminder displayed in my office. (Photo Courtesy of Caroline Colvin Photography).

                                          Buckets for Haiti plus me .jpg

-Steve Yagla, 2018 Buckets for Haiti Champion

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