29136347_10155898888920358_5596250749265772544_n.jpgJude Rene has translated with CHI for 2.5 years and serves in clinic leadership roles. He lives in Arcahaie and is a big fan of all Boston sports.

I started working with CHI when a friend of mine by the name of Andrew told me about the organization. He said that I would love working with CHI because I love helping people, and that is exactly what CHI does. When I started, I was amazed by the organization. The teams of volunteers that came to Haiti were so passionate about what they do. They care for and love the patients and people in our communities so much that some of them cry when it is time to go back to the US. Imagine leaving your loved ones - mom, dad, wife, kids, family, and friends - to go to a country that most of the time is in chaos, to go to a country to help people you have never even met. Some of the volunteers take personal vacation time to come and work hard every day for a week to help the people of Haiti, and they love every minute of this hard work. 

What work do you use to call someone like this? HERO...that's the word I use for the kindhearted men and women that come to Haiti with CHI. Heaven is here in Haiti, because CHI is truly doing God's work. Meeting these volunteers and working alongside them to serve my community is what makes CHI clinics so special. This is what makes CHI so special.


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