abe2.jpgAbélard Georges is CHI's TEBOW master and translator. He is 27 and studying hospitality, tourism, and customer services.

Four years ago, I was working at La Ballade as a bartender. I met a CHI team there. One night, a group of people came to the hotel with a patient. At that time, all of the interpreters had already left. I was the only person who could say a few words in English. Someone in CHI's group asked me for help. I did my best to help them out and with great pleasure. A few days later, Dr. Josh White gave me the opportunity to work with CHI for the next clinic. I started out helping with "crowd control" at clinic. Then, I moved to assisting the dentist. Now, I am interpreting and entering health record data into the TEBOW medical record computers during clinic.

CHI is important to me, because I finally got the opportunity to make new friends and practice my English, that I have learned on my own. CHI also helps me financially by giving me an employment opportunity. I am happy to be a part of CHI and hope to stay with the organization for many years to come.



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