caroline colvin.jpegCaroline Colvin is a wedding and family photographer from Louisville, CO. Her photo was taken by her good friend Abelard Georges.


How did you find CHI? Why CHI? 


I found CHI through my wonderful friend, Shontelle Hegge. Our kids are in the same grade and every time I'd see her, I'd ask questions about her trips to Haiti with CHI. On my 40th birthday, I decided it was time to personally experience Haiti!


What trip(s) have you gone on with CHI? What was your favorite part of the trip?


I've gone to Haiti for the past two October trips. My favorite part of the trip is the hike to Fondol. The shared experience of hiking up the long road really connects the team. I'll never forget the first time I arrived for clinic and saw all the Haitians waiting for us. I really felt the impact of our work in that moment. I had the opportunity to do a home visit the last time I was in Fondol. My awesome interpreter, Jean, and I followed a man and his young son along a steep path to their home. I was so touched by the gentlemen who graciously offered me a chair in the shade when we arrived. This seat and his kind smile was just about all he had to offer and it meant everything to me to feel so welcomed in his home. It was a very profound and life-changing experience to spend some time with his family.


What impact does CHI have on your life?


CHI has had an enormous impact on my life! I am so lucky to have made incredible friends through CHI and am proud of the work I've done alongside them. I have a great appreciation for the comfortable life that I was born into. I also understand the importance of helping others and working in community alongside our Haitian friends. My friends in Haiti are a constant example to me of what strength, courage, and perseverance looks like. These friends have faced so much adversity, yet every day, they stand up and work hard. Haiti will forever hold a place in my heart and I hope to continue to go back "until the work is done".


Why did you choose to donate with your time or money?


I love that CHI has provided so many opportunities to stay involved in between trips to Haiti! I am part of the Marketing Committee with a great team of creative thinkers. I also had the opportunity to work alongside our Executive Director, Annie Vander Werff, to create a photo book for CHI's five year anniversary. As a photographer, the opportunity to photograph our work in Haiti has been a great way to give back to CHI, while also bringing so much inspiration to my own journey with photography.

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