Dear friends of Haiti,

We are deeply saddened and disappointed that we will not be able to take our previously scheduled trip in June.  It is not a decision that we take lightly. We recognize that this causes significant hardship for you after you have made travel arrangements and found people to cover your responsibilities.  We realize that this decision creates hardship for volunteers in navigating airfare and hotel refunds, and we apologize. However, the safety of our volunteers has always been our primary concern and our on-the-ground partners, as well as the US State Department, are telling us that it is not safe at this time.  

The most difficult consequence to this decision is the fact that there are around 1500 patients that may continue to struggle for access to healthcare, and there are 54 employees that have been counting on the income generated from our work to keep their families fed through the summer.  We are unsure how long this State Department Level 4 Travel Warning will persist, and this presents an existential threat for our partners and communities in Haiti, and potentially a threat to CHI.

CHI was founded on the values of INTEGRITY, SOLIDARITY, PARTNERSHIP, ACCOMPANIMENT, and SUSTAINABILITY.  These have been our guiding principles from the beginning. While INTEGRITY compels us to be transparent about the risks of travel right now and cancel the trip, it also reminds us that we have promised to be with our communities in Haiti through good times and bad.  That is what SOLIDARITY means. It means standing with them, witnessing and appreciating their struggles, and helping to celebrate their resilience and grit. Over the past years, we have worked in PARTNERSHIP with our communities as they both imagine and implement solutions to some of their biggest problems.  As they demonstrated in March, when the trip was canceled, and they were able to hold a clinic without the blan, they are fully capable of implementing these solutions and overcoming any number of obstacles.  This is the result of the process of ACCOMPANIMENT. Our friends and partners can run every aspect of the clinic, from organizing triage, to data entry at TEBOW, to a fully functioning pharmacy because of years of working side by side, each of us helping the other to learn.  This tradition, this history, has built the necessary foundation for SUSTAINABILITY, even in the midst of political and social upheaval.

We have long dreamt of being able to turn the running of the clinics in Do Digue and Fondal over to our Haitian partners. We have been working over the last six months creating a plan for a seamless and smooth transition which would allow us to focus on a new geographical location to serve.  This crisis of travel restriction is intensely frustrating, but it is also allowing us to really live our values by putting more emphasis and resources into this transition. We are concentrating on the ACCOMPANIMENT and PARTNERSHIP that will allow this to be sustained.

Here is where you come in: The $87 Impact Campaign is back!
1.) We need to find $3,637 to run a mini clinic in June as we move towards a future where Haitians are taking care of Haitians. Our goal is to be able to hold 5 days of clinic. This will allow us to hire 21 Haitian staff members and provide the necessary medicine for the June clinic.
2.) Recognizing the huge financial impact that our absence will have on our other 32 part-time clinic employees, we would also like to raise enough money ($2,048) to pay them part of the salary that they will lose as a result of the trip cancellation.  This will help get them and their families through until the next trip.
If you will be 1 of 66 people to chip in $87, clinic & payroll will go on without pause. Thank you in advance for considering how you can help reach these two goals.

We recognize how difficult this abrupt change of plans is for everyone.  We hope that despite your disappointment you will be willing to stand with us, and stand with our Haitian friends, in SOLIDARITY to ensure that people still get the care that they desperately need and to help us move towards a future in rural Arcahaie where our friends can envision, direct, and provide care for one another.

Here's where you can help: If we are able to find 66 people to contribute $87 each, we will reach our goal. Will you consider being one of the 66?

You can go online and make a donation HERE - in the comments write "JuneMini" or you can send your support via mail to:

CHI Haiti
PO Box 5908
Coralville, IA 52241

Please let Stephanie Coffey know by Tuesday if you are in. Any amount helps!

Thank you,

The CHI Board & Annie 

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