February 5, 2020

Do you have Facebook and are wondering about an easy way to show your support for CHI? Consider donating your birthday to CHI by hosting a Facebook Fundraiser! Facebook now supports no-fee fundraisers for nonprofits so that means 100% of whatever amount you choose as your goal will go directly to CHI. Take a look below for the steps on how to set up a Facebook fundraiser and thank you in advance for your ongoing support of CHI and the work we do in Haiti. 

HOW-TO-GUIDE for Facebook Fundraisers

  1. Login to your Facebook account and then click this LINK

  2. You will be prompted to select a charity. Type in “Community Health Initiative” and select CHI as your charity of choice. 


  1. Next, enter the goal amount of money you would like to raise and when you want your fundraiser to end. (Typically Facebook birthday fundraisers go for about 2 weeks).


  1. Next, you can write some text to further explain your fundraiser and why you are supporting CHI. Facebook auto-populates text for Facebook fundraisers (see screenshot) that you can keep or erase and write your own.


  1. Next, you should choose a photo that will be linked with your fundraiser. Facebook auto-populates the Facebook cover photo of the nonprofit for this, but if you have a photo you’d like to use from CHI or from any trip you may have taken to Haiti, you can always make that your Facebook birthday fundraiser photo!


  1. Lastly, click Create at the bottom right and your fundraiser will go live! You can then share the fundraiser as a Facebook post and/or and invite your Facebook friends to donate.

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