March 23, 2020

Dear CHI Volunteer –

As much as we all hoped it would not happen, COVID-19 has now reached Haiti. It has entered the country with foreign travelers as well as people crossing the border from the Dominican Republic. A travesty for a country with so few resources to respond.

The number of people infected or who have died from the virus is unknown due to the small supply of testing kits in the country. Based on signs and symptoms, the numbers are rapidly increasing as is anxiety, panic and hysteria amongst our Haitian friends, clients and colleagues. 

CHI is responding … with more than 500 Preparedness Kits!

Included in the kits:

  • 1 Gadyen Dlo in-home water purification bucket system

  • 1 bottle of Gadyen Dlo water treatment

  • Hand Soap

  • Instructions and precautions to take in order to prevent COVID-19

Check out how Gadyen Dlo will be used here

Distribution of the kits needs to be done in an expedited fashion due to the rapidly growing number of infected individuals. Consequently, we are reaching out to all CHI volunteers and supporters to please donate NOW to this cause. 

IMG-20200323-WA0029.jpgEach kit costs $20. At minimum, distributing 500 could prevent the spread of the virus for more than 5,000 people in CHI's service area!

DONATE NOW. You can contribute in 3 primary ways:

• Online at COMMENT: COVID-19 
• CHI Facebook Fundraiser page 
• By check: PO Box 5908, Coralville, IA 52241; MEMO: COVID-19

No donation is too small. 

Please be assured that we are taking care of our full-time staff who will be distributing the kits.  As we distribute the kits and educate people on prevention, we are constantly reminded that unlike in the United States, it is virtually impossible for a Haitian Coronavirus patient, in extreme respiratory distress, to receive oxygen or ventilator assistance.  

Your donation could save lives by decreasing the number of people getting infected. 

Thank you for your help!
~Your CHI Family

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