Sanitation Project



In September 2012 we gathered in the central square of Top Digue with community members to talk about what their community needed.  We sat beneath a looming tree within earshot of a canal that isolated this community of 600 people, allowing only foot traffic and maybe an occasional moto to enter the village. The response from the people was overwhelming and unanimous: a road, latrines, and clean water.  These were not exactly our area of expertise, but as usual we're open to learning new things (or should we say, we're always learning new things). 

After consulting various experts, many of whom have spent long months and years building latrines in Haiti, we came up with a design for a composting ventilated improved pit latrine—the Composting VIP.  There was a lot of back-and-forth with the people of Top Digue about the concept of composting poop (kind of gross, right?) and the design of the latrines.

In January 2013 the first two latrines went up, and now even more are in the works. The best part? People in the community were so excited about the idea of having latrines that they've constructed a huge public latrine near the soccer field, entirely on their own!  Who would ever think a latrine could be such a beautiful thing? Now more families are signing up for their own Composting VIP.  Up next for Top Digue is a road and a well with hand pump that will help to bring more clean water to more people.


Mèsi anpil (thank you very much) to the following groups who funded latrines:

  • Altrusa Club of Cedar Falls, IA

  • United Methodist Church, Jesup, IA

  • Girlz Night Out for Haiti Event (2 latrines)