November 2, 2016 CHI Promotes Danger...Wisly Danger!

As the Community Health Initiative, Haiti evolves, so has the need to expand and redirect our Haiti Operations Leadership Team. “We have planned long and hard for this,” explains Executive Director, Annie Vander Werff. “I am confident that we have made the right decisions to support the future of the organization!”

On October 26, 2016, CHI officially promoted Wisly Dangè (aka Danger) to Program Manager for CHI. Having served in many capacities over the last 4 years: starting as a translator and crowd control at clinics, and most recently holding the position of the Gayden Dlo water program Supervisor, Dangè has demonstrated his commitment to CHI, to program growth and management, and to improving health among his fellow Haitians. As Program Manager, Dangè will oversee CHI’s Water Quality Control, Community Health and Recycling Center programs.

“I’m so happy to be a Haitian representative in Haiti for CHI’s program,” Dangè stated at a recent staff meeting.

The feelings are mutual. CHI is pleased to announce Wisly Dangè as Program Manager. Congratulations Wisly Dangè!

The evolution of CHI operations in Haiti has identified an alternative focus for Extended Term Volunteers (ETVs). The program is currently under revision and may look very different when complete. To support the ETV program in its original form, CHI rented and staffed a house in Arcahaie, Haiti for the last several years as a safe place for our volunteers to stay, eat, and work from as a home base. As a result of this program restructure, the overhead of the house became unnecessary.

So, as of October 31, 2016, CHI has discontinued our rental agreement for the CHI House. As a result, long time Haiti Operations Director, Jean-Yvedson Alliance has taken on a new and different role with CHI. He and his family have taken care of the CHI House and volunteers for many years - living between Arcahaie where the CHI House is and Leogàne, where their permanent residence is. Now, they will return to Leogàne.

“We are fortunate that Alliance will continue to serve on the Leadership Team as CHI’s Haiti Bookkeeper and Clinic Coordinator,” shares Vander Werff.  “We are very grateful for all that Alliance, Kristy and their family have done and will continue to do for CHI!”

In addition to these amazing leaders, CHI is also hiring a very part-time Inventory Specialist to track supplies and resources following each clinic in Haiti.

The successful candidate’s name will be released soon. Finally, please stay tuned to meet CHI’s new US Clinic Volunteer Coordinator. Interviews are underway and an announcement will be made soon. If you have questions, concerns, or are interested in learning more about what CHI’s programs and staffing structure look like, please contact CHIs Executive Director Annie Vander Werff at