Current Volunteer Documents


Welcome Volunteers!

We are thrilled you are choosing to participate in one of our mobile clinics!  You are embarking on something that will truly impact the lives of many individuals in a positive and sustainable way.  Also, we know that your life will be changed in profound ways.

Below are links to the documents you will need for your trip.  

You're welcome to read them in any order, but it might be best to start at the top and work your way down. They'll help you with fundraising as well as help prepare you for the trip itself.  In addition, you will receive an document specific to your team's trip from the Volunteer Coordinator.

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Always feel free to email with any questions, suggestions or concerns big and small.  We want you to feel as prepared as possible for this grand adventure.  We are very grateful that you are choosing to spend your time, talents and resources to be a member of a team!  We look forward to working together with you in Haiti!

Megan McCarty
CHI Clinic Volunteer Coordinator

 Arcahaie Medical Team:

 Arcahaie Surgical Team: